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From Exhausto to Exodraft to Enervex
Timeline & explanation..... for now

Enervex Fan Source... Exhausto to Exodraft to Enervex.

  EXHAUSTO was founded in Sorø in Denmark in 1957. The company’s initial success was based on the unique concept of a chimney fan designed to be installed on the top of a chimney to create the optimal chimney draft for open fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and boilers.

The company relocated to its current location at Langeskov in 1963. At the same time the product range was extended to include roof fans. This marked the beginning of a significant development in the ventilation market.

EXHAUSTO US was established in 1990.  With their location in Roswell, Georgia, EXHAUSTO US brought EXHAUSTO's chimney fan draft technology to North America.  

The EXHAUSTO name has for decades been associated with both ventilation and chimney fan systems.
In 2007, 50 years after it all started, it was decided to split up the company into two separate units to enhance service and development in both business areas: EXHAUSTO A/S and EXHAUSTO CDT A/S. 

EXHAUSTO US, later changing its name to Enervex, moved forward as the leading developer and provider of demand-controlled mechanical draft and exhaust systems with the emphasis on USA, Canada, Central America and the Middle East.

EXHAUSTO A/S develops, manufactures, markets, and delivers ventilation units with heat recovery, roof fans, wall fans and box fans, control devices, cooker hoods, and a variety of other ventilation components for complete ventilation systems for the professional ventilation market. Their British subsidiary is named EXHAUSTO Ventilation Ltd.

EXHAUSTO CDT A/S develops, markets, and delivers chimney fans, control devices, and other components for controlled chimney draft for all types of heating units. (CDT stands for Chimney Draft Technology). EXHAUSTO Ltd is a subsidiary of EXHAUSTO CDT A/S.

EXHAUSTO A/S acquired the Norwegian ventilation company Novema Aggregater in 2010.

In 2010 EXHAUSTO A/S was sold to the Danish company VKR Holding and EXHAUSTO A/S and EXHAUSTO Ventilation Ltd is no longer associated with EXHAUSTO CDT A/S or EXHAUSTO Ltd. 

January 1, 2011 EXHAUSTO US changed its name to ENERVEX .

March 1, 2011 EXHAUSTO Ltd. was renamed to Exodraft Ltd.

MID 2012... As the dust settles in any acquisition or re-organization, Exodraft will eventually facilitate its own manufacturing and continue to provide the finest quality fans that were first developed in 1957.   


Soooo.... what does this all mean?   Well that depends on where you live and what you need.

Exhausto is still Exhausto and located in Denmark..... just called Exhausto A/S and owned by VKR Holdings.
Exhausto A/S develops and manufactures products and systems for comfort ventilation. 
Main production and sales in Northern Europe expand throughout Europe, the UK and surrounding countries.
Exhausto fans are also not available in North America.  Exhausto no longer manufacturers chimney fans under the Exhausto name.  

Exodraft, the companies...  are the first step in distribution for Exodraft fans in Europe and surrounding countries. 
Locations include Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Great Britain & France.  With 10 international distributors from Finland to Japan to the US. 

Enervex is the main distributor for Exodraft fans in North America...  fans are primarily 120V and recognized as Enervex fans. 
Enervex markets the most extensive portfolio of residential and commercial demand-controlled exhaust systems available.

Volko Supply has become a leading supplier for Enervex RS chimney fans in the US.  From masons to contractors to builders... Volko Supply is your Enervex Chimney Fan Source.

When researching the need for an Enervex / Exodraft / Exhausto fan the web will usually help provide the most information.

Always choose a company that has the knowledge to back up it's website.  Sizing as well as providing the proper voltage fan is very important.

Getting a "deal" on a fan with different voltage can be costly if it fails... even with a power inverter, the warranty may be void.    

Whether it says Exhausto, Exodraft or Enervex..... the spelling may be different, but the quality is still the same.

Enervex?... but my new fan says Exodraft.
Exhausto is now Exodraft, distributed as Enervex. 
Enervex Fans... draft solutions for kitchen and pizza oven exhaust.

Please call 800 685 8263 or email us (info@volko.com) for prices

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Full service does still exist, and here the premium is on service not on price.   1-800-685-8263
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