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Pizza Oven Fans & Kitchen Exhaust

Enervex GSV 009-016 pizza oven exhaust and kitchen exhaust fan for installation at the chimney termination point, vertically or for side-wall venting.  Assures a negative pressure in the entire chimney or stack system.
Discharges vertically (horizontally if side-wall venting) at a high velocity.
The fan housing is hinged and the top can be opened for easy service and access to stack.

The GSV Pizza Oven and Kitchen Exhaust Fan is mounted on top of the chimney. It pulls exhaust and/or grease from pizza ovens, BBQs, fireplaces, etc,

With the variable speed feature, ENERVEX fans are designed to be part of present and future energy efficient kitchen ventilation systems. This feature also allows our fan to operate continuously at temperatures of up to 575 F (300 C)
      Enervex GSV Pizza Oven and Kitchen Exhaust Fan.  GSV9 GSV009 GSV 9 GSV 009 WS-GSV WS-GSV9 WS-GSV 009 GSV 9
  Enervex GSV Pizza Oven and Kitchen Exhaust Fan.  GSV12 GSV012 GSV 12 GSV 012 WS-GSV WS-GSV12 WS-GSV 012 GSV 12
  Enervex GSV Pizza Oven and Kitchen Exhaust Fan.  GSV14 GSV014 GSV 14 GSV 014 WS-GSV WS-GSV14 WS-GSV 014 GSV 14
  Enervex GSV Pizza Oven and Kitchen Exhaust Fan.  GSV16 GSV016 GSV 16 GSV 016 WS-GSV WS-GSV16 WS-GSV 016 GSV 16

Suitable for any gas and/or wood burning pizza oven to provide mechanical draft exhaust.
... including Earthstone, WoodStone, Forno Bravo, Acunto Napoli, Mugnaini.... etc....

  Enervex GSV 009-016 Pizza Oven Fan  

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GSV 009 - 012 - 014 - 016

Enervex GSV 009 012 014 016 Specification Chart

Blade identification - Axial Vane
Genuine replacement parts for Exhausto Fans.  Exhausto fan blade replacement.
Replacement Parts

Enervex RSV Part Identification Chart

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View Product Info w/ Capacity Chart
View Installation Manual

Wiring Diagram


RSV GSV 009 016 part identification chart

Fan Model Part Number
GSV 009 131.0200.1200
GSV 012 131.0400.1200
GSV 014 131.0600.1200
GSV 016 131.0800.1200

Fan Part Description

 a. Top section
 b. Bottom section
 c. Motor
 d. Axial vane
 e. Inlet for axial vane
 f. Locking hinge
 g. Bird screen
 h. Carrying handle
 i. Wiring conduit


GSV Capacity Chart

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Material Motor Standard Equipment Optional Equipment
Enervex GSV housing is made of cast aluminum with a thickness of 3/16" and is corrosion resistant. One coat of grey hammer-paint finish is applied.
Axial vanes in stainless steel, dynamically and statically balanced to assure low noise level and vibration-free operation.
Split capacitor, totally enclosed. Class H insulated, IP54
Protection Class. Sealed ball bearings. Variable Speed.
Thermal overload protection.
2"x4" or 4"x4" junction box

 with cover and conduit

Bird Screen

5Amp or 8Amp Fan Speed Control

Gasket    -    Fan Proving Switch

Listings Approvals Warranty
ETL listing #E109205550D
UL378 - Draft Equipment
UL762 - Standard for Power Roof Ventilators for
Restaurant Exhaust Appliances.
ULC-S645-93 - Standard for Power Roof
Ventilators and Commercial and Institutional
Kitchen Exhaust Systems.
CE Compliant
City of New York Department of Building
City of Los Angeles
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts (G1-1295-29)

2-year factory warranty on the entire Exhausto GSV fan.

10-year warranty against corrosion perforation.

Manufactured at ISO9001 certified plant.

Common Accessories

Fan Speed Control


Never have a fan on an "on/off" switch...  A pizza oven fan must run during the ovens entire cooking operation... failure to keep the fan on can result in fan failure.

ENERVEX Fan Speed Control FSC is used in conjunction with all single-phased ENERVEX chimney fans. The fan speed control is specially engineered to provide variable speed control of split-capacitor motors. This control is accomplished by reducing the line voltage to the motor thereby using only the energy required to maintain the desired volume of air flow (fan speed).
Notice: The RSV 400 and 450 are 3x200-240VAC and cannot be controlled with this kind of fan speed control



Enervex SCA
Steel Chimney Adapter

For metal flue pipe installation
Enervex Fans SCA Adaptor

SCA steel chimney adaptor RSV GSV size identification chart
The steel chimney adapter is made of 16GA
304 stainless steel.
Downloadable PDF
Steel Chimney Adapter
2-year factory warranty

ENERVEX Steel Chimney Adapter is used when installing the chimney fan on the top of a single, double or triple wall steel chimney.
The adapter is designed to slide into the steel chimney for a tight fit. The outer diameter of the collar is 1/8" smaller than the inner diameter of the steel chimney and has a 5" deep collar.


Need Exhausto fan parts... or a replacement motor for an Exhausto fan?

Genuine replacement parts for Exhausto Fans.  Exhausto motor replacement. Is it Exhausto Exodraft or Enervex?
Exhausto is now Exodraft, distributed as Enervex.   Read more... 

Prior to 2012 all fans and parts were identified as Exhausto, made in Denmark.

Name has changed... parts are the same.  Exhausto Part Identification.

  We only supply genuine Exhausto fan motors, fan blades and parts.  

Genuine replacement parts for Exhausto Fans.  Exhausto fan blade replacement.

Enervex?... but my new fan says Exodraft.
Exhausto is now Exodraft, distributed as Enervex. 
Enervex Fans... draft solutions for kitchen and pizza oven exhaust.

Please call 800 685 8263 or email us (info@volko.com) for prices

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